Religion in Talgoria

Religion in Talgoria is split into two major pantheons: the Valmaric and the Gragnostic. The followers of the Valmarian Gods are largely commoners, noblemen, and civilized folk. The Gragnostian Gods attract followers of a more evil and self-serving nature and are mostly societal outsiders. Additionally there is Vell, a neutral God of death, who is part of neither pantheon. Designating a single god as your patron does not mean that you don’t believe in or appreciate any of the others – this is a polytheistic culture – but it does project a sense of personal values for your character and his or her place in society.

The Valmaric Pantheon
Bon : Goddess of the Moon, The Judicator, Protector of Adventurers
Baladekt : God of the Sun and Sky, The Creator, Father of Invention
Korg! : God of Battle! The Champion! Bringer of Victory!
Tennigrel : Goddess of Nature, The Wise One, Seer of Danger
Kaldor : God of Trickery, The Mischief-Maker, Muse of Schemers
Synthia : Goddess of Knowledge, The Teacher, Curator of Discovery

Vell : God of Death, Lord of the Underworld.

The Gragnostic Pantheon
Zhozen : God of Evil, The Subjugator, Dark Lord of Fire
Jalos : God of the Mind, The Corruptor, Dark Lord of Electricity
Lorren : Goddess of Debauchery, The Enticer, Dark Lord of Water
Xeros : Goddess of Pain, The Torturer, Dark Lord of Ice
Aerix : God of Pestilence, The Decayer, Dark Lord of Earth
Flarra : Goddess of Change, The Watcher, Dark Lord of Wind


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