The Death Swamps

The Death Swamps
Terrain(s): Swamp/Marsh, River/Lake
Languages: Infernal, Draconic, Ignan, Abyssal
Society: Nomads, Zkiaquians, Xeros-Worshippers,

Capitol: Kalegrove

The Death Swamps’ original inhabitants were exclusively worshippers of Vell. It is a harsh, unforgiving bog that swallows up most anything resembling a structured society. Those few who did manage to make a home within the bog spent their days worshipping the god of death and revered the swamp as the mass-grave it was.

Things were to change, however, during the Zkiaquian Aggression. Nomads and refugees from Rellinix and Pella emigrated to the swampland, hoping to escape the war. The Tirkin Empire attempted to invade Zkiaq through the swamp, leading to almost a decade of warfare in the unforgiving muck and mire. Zkiaq eventually prevailed, driving the westerners from the Swamp and placing it within their fledgling empire’s protection. The legends of the goddess Xeros inspired many of the natives of the region to become faithful subjects of Zkiaq.

Today, despite the difficulties of traversing the region, the Death Swamps are an important part of the Zkiaquian Empire. The government is an oligarchy based in Kalegrove and consisting of tribal leaders, holy men, and representatives of Zkiaq.

Cities and Places of Interest:

The Death Swamps

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