The Frozen North

The Frozen North

Terrain(s): Mountains, Hills, Rivers
Language(s): Common, Terran, Auran
Society: Barbarian Tribes, Valkyrie

Capitol: Greunder

The Frozen North is a region inhabited by some of the toughest warriors humanity has to offer. the bitter and unforgiving environment, has bred tribes of wild and vicious warrior, each with their own unique beliefs and values. many live only for survival, favoring only the strong and cruel. Others have forged societies of merit and valor, placing a higher value on intelligence and cunning. Regardless, each tribe represents a particalrly daunting obstacle to trespassers of their domain.

The Northmen (for the most part) remained neutral during the Zkiaquian Aggression. The Zkiaquians had no interest in frozen ranges of mountains, and the Tirkins offered little to sway the Northmen to their side. Some of the more opportunistic tribes traveled south to work as mercernary units for the opposing sides, but the larger more powerful tribes decided almost unilaterally to have no part in the affairs of the southmen.

Though each tribe governs itself and cares little for the laws of its rivals, once a year, the tribes send representatives to Greunder to participate in an Althing, so that disputes can be settled and agreements on territory and trade can be determined.

Additionally, the many peaks of the mountains are home to a great number of monasteries, and temples to various gods and philosophies. It is said that many of the wise Masters who make their homes on these desolate peaks have learned to speak to and command giant eagles.

Cities and Places of Interest:

The Frozen North

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