The Valmaric Pantheon

In the beginning there was naught but chaos and darkness, and then the sun rose

Millenia ago, when the world was young, ancient gods of Chaos and Darkness ruled creation. The Ancient Culeirians, a cruel and vicious lizardfolk, ruled the surface and subjugated humanity as slaves to their dark kingdoms. It was a bleak and awful world, devoid of hope.

Devoid of heroes.

And then, it is said, the sun rose for the first time. Soaring through the sky in the form of a great bird, Baladekt brought light and hope to early man. His might was so bright and powerful that the reptillian overlords were forced to retreat below ground during the daytime, Allowing their slave race to escape and form their own civilization. The Daylight hours gave the industrious humans the chance to build their own cities and settlements.

The Dark half of the day, however, was still the domain of the Culeirians. Inevitably, a bloody conflict (now called The Dusk War) broke out between the two races. Humanity was forced to defend it’s fledgling society from nighttime raids by their ancient rivals. Despairing that they would soon return to the slavery they had only recently liberated themselves from, they turned to the powerful Baladekt for help.

If only, they reasoned, There could be light in the night hours as well. Something to drive the sensitive-eyed back to their holes in the ground, never to return.

In the end it was a great priestess named Bon who found the solution. By performing rites combining early man’s magiks with dark rituals she had learned from the Culeirians, she cast a great spell, banishing the lizardfolk from the surface world forevermore. Unfortunately, the cost for the spell was high, and Bon’s mortal form crumbled to dust and dissipated into the night. So impressed was Baladekt, that he imbued the soul of the priestess with a portion of his light and took her as his wife.

In the eons since they have served as the dual protectors of man, Baladekt preserving the common folk with his daylight, and Bon guiding adventurers with moonlight. They have sired several children, gods in their own right, and accepted others into their pantheon.

In more recent years, with the rise of the Gragnostic Gods, interpretation of the Valmarics has adjusted to include rivalries and feuds with their eastern counterparts. As a result, myths and legends spread of interactions between the gods of the two pantheons.

The Valmaric Pantheon

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